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Labelling what Akisha Arcturus does is impossible, at its simplest form it's a reading, at its truest form it's a mind blowing, soul activating, life-changing event. Two of her "multidimensional counselling sessions" have changed my life, facilitating beautiful growth in my business and myself, enabling me to release what was no longer serving me and stepping into my sovereign self. In both cases what happened to me were further enhanced by her powerful amulets and now most recently her energy activation art. If you are ready to change your life and step into your power, Akisha Arcturus is who you need to see.

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Group Activations

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A Soul Activator

Hi, my name is Katie. I am a multidimensional sensitive focused on love, unity, and ascension. The universe is guiding all forward through our lives with the help of a spiritual ocean of dimensionalities, and it's infinite waves of benevolent consciousness. It is with gratitude that I connect with multifarious energies, and I love having the opportunity to activate and align my clients with their own universal current.



Melbourne Victoria Australia

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